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Date & Time:
Monday, July 8th @ 7pm Eastern

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About this event

Save Georgian Bay supports efforts to combat the climate change crisis with renewable energy sources and electricity storage solutions and advocates that Ontario should pursue the best, least environmentally damaging, and most cost-effective energy storage solutions.

TC Energy’s proposed Pumped Storage proposal, which may not even be needed by the time construction is completed in about a decade, is not the best way to decarbonize the grid. It lacks the speed of implementation, flexibility of location, and energy efficiency of alternative energy storage solutions.

The evening’s informative dialogue will reveal TC Energy’s carbon reduction fallacy, showing that claims their pumped storage proposal offers a “green” solution to Ontario’s energy needs is inappropriate and misleading. 

Environmental advocates will share their concerns about the irreparable harm to the Niagara Escarpment and the significant risks to the ecosystem and waters of Georgian Bay that the project would cause. They will caution that once the 500 acres of the Niagara Escarpment are destroyed, there is no repairing it. They will show that the project poses a high risk of spreading PFAS “forever chemicals,” carcinogens and other toxins into the soil, air and water. We offer viable alternatives that do not pose these risks. 

TC Energy’s expensive unsolicited proposal has at least twice been rejected by the Independent Electricity System Operator based on the lack of value to Ontarians compared to other non-emitting resources such as batteries. Energy experts offer better, more economical alternatives that will better meet Ontario’s energy storage needs – both now and into the future.